Makers & Designers of the Great Lakes Region
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Shopper FAQ

How can I tell the difference between a Maker and Designer product?

Makers and designers are required to put in the product description where the product was made.

For example: "Designed and printed in Michigan. T-shirt made in China." This tells us that it was designed and partially manufactured in Michigan, but the shirt was made in another country.

Production, Shipping, & Handling

The Makers & Designers are in charge of being transparent with the customer on how long it will take to produce and ship your products within the product description. 


The Makers & Designers will process returns individually.

Maker & Designer (Merchant) FAQ

How much does it cost for me to sell my Great Lakes region products?

It is FREE to list everything on our online shop with no hidden fees. We take a commission from the sales that are made through our online shop so there is no up front cost to you.

How does it work?

We designed the online shop to curate and feature products from the states and province surrounding the Great Lakes. We bring in traffic through social media and advertising at no cost to the merchants. The Makers & Designers list the products and fulfill the orders through the Maker & Designer Marketplace.

How do I apply?

Makers and designers sign up through the Maker Registration link. When they are registered, they can list their products through the Maker & Designer Marketplace. This link is located in the footer of our shop.

How do I offer discounts?

You may offer discounts through our "Promo Codes" page located in the footer of our shop. Let us know what type of discount you would like to provide shoppers and we can integrate it into the marketplace for you.

How much do I make and what is the commission fee?

Check out the commission fee breakdown here.