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Subscription Box Partner Overview

The Great Lakes Made subscription box is a new offering for our followers and subscribers. We have over 20,000 followers through our social media and our parent company Gone Beachin LLC. There will be seasonal boxes for each state and province along with a Mix & Match box for shoppers to have a variety of products throughout the Great Lakes Region. Each box will contain items to discover new local products from Makers & Designers.

Why Participate?

As the Maker or Designer, our boxes give you the opportunity to promote your products or services. Small products or samples could be added to our box with a coupon which will give you the opportunity to drive sales to your shop or e-commerce website. These referred customers could create a lifelong relationship between you and your company. Additionally you may also provide gift certificates, but it must go with a small product that you offer. We cannot accept only gift certificates because it doesn't feel like a gift when the subscriber receives their box.


The boxes have a theme to each season. The first box will be the Winter Box and includes products that fit along with the winter lifestyle in the states and province surrounding the Great Lakes. We are fairly laid back with the products you choose to add to the box so the themes aren't very strict. If you aren't sure what product to put in the box, we will be happy to help you choose the correct items to fit the theme.

When Will the Boxes Start Shipping?

The goal is to start shipping in early 2016 to ship out the Winter Boxes.


How Many Items Should I Provide?

We are looking for about 50 small items or samples of products from each interested partner to go in the boxes. You can choose to attract return shoppers by adding in a certificate/promo code to connect with your shop. This is a promotional tool so we only accept donations from businesses. Giving the customer a trial/sample product to keep is one of the most effective ways of advertising to build a long term relationship with new customers.

We are starting with only the Great Lakes Made Mix & Match box until we have enough partners for individual states. Each box will contain around 10 items from businesses around the Great Lakes Region.


Suggestions for your items:

-Have your logo on your packaging
-Include a certificate with your social handles and website
-Provide a promo code to add incentive to buy other products. The average discount is 15% off. We can integrate the promo code into your Great Lakes Made shop or your can choose to use it for your own personal website.
-Add the location icon you use onto your packaging or certificates: Location Icons

-If possible, make it fit the theme of the season

Let's grow your business through subscription boxes: E-mail us